DOOM III How to make it run.

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Jan 21, 2004
  1. I have downloaded doom 3 beta version and added that 1.0 alpha patch and it does the same thing when i try to play, the screen flickers really fast. i ahve a good comp 5200 video card and 1.9 ghz barton but i rembering seeing a fix that puts drivers for old video cards even though mine isnt old. Do you now how to fix this problem so i can play? Please HELP!
  2. Rick

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    I think a number of people here are going to tell you that downloading the Doom III beta is not legal and therefore isn't deserving of a reply.
  3. MrGaribaldi

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    Rick is quite right!

    There is no way in h... that you've gotten ahold of a legal version of D3, and since TechSpot has a very clear policy on piracy (which is that we don't condone it) you won't be getting any public help...
    There could be someone who'd PM you though :/

    Anyways, not quite sure what framerates you'd be able to get out of it even if you did manage to make it run...
    The FX5200 isn't, I'm sorry to say, a very good card when it comes to speed...
    Thus you'll either have crawling speed, or you'll be running a path optimized for GeForce 4 or earlier, which means less eye candy...
  4. cslord15

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    My GOD you have 2 posts about illegally downloaded games... Someone remove both these posts and ban him from the website
  5. Phantasm66

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    He doesn't need to be banned. He just needs to be more careful.
  6. Wrath of God

    Wrath of God TS Rookie

    lol...calm down
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