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Oct 23, 2004
  1. I have an ati 9600xt. I have played doom all the way through on high setting. Recently I upgraded to a 64 bit system and reinstalled doom just to see how it played. while trying to overclock my video card again, all of the sudden it won't let me put it on high without set up screen going fuzzy. I have to put it on medium to make it clear again. As far as I can see I haven't changed any settings and have tried everything to get it right. Has anyone had such a problem?
  2. nate39

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    just a footnote. I reintalled my video drivers and all is well. Playing around with ati taskbar program must have corrupted my drivers.
  3. Rick

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    Overclocking your video card will cause just that to happen, if it is done beyond what your video card is capable of handling.

    You may see fuzzies and artifacts, but if you put the card back to stock speed settings, you should not see these reappear again. That is, unless, you've somehow damaged the card from overclocking.
  4. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    What version of the ATi drivers are/were you using? Doom 3 was "fuzzy" on my system when I tried the Beta Doom 3 Hotfix 4.9 drivers (not the current 4.9 drivers)
  5. nate39

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    I am using the newest ATI drivers
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