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Sep 24, 2004
  1. Does any one here know anything about the old dot matrix printers? This Panasonic has to be from the 80's and now that it's needed most it's crapping out.

    What it does is any time you print it will continually print and feed the paper through until there is no paper left or until you physically turn the power off. You can not cancel a job and it just goes on printing the same things on each sheet of paper. My collegue said it might be the drivers but this is so old they are virtually impossible to find. Also, there hasn't been any new programs or patches installed recently so why would it not work all of a sudden if it was a driver issue?

    The dot matrix is the only thing that will print this individuals forms that he needs and of course I've never even worked with a dot matrix to begin to understand why it would do this.
  2. Nodsu

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    Does it do this with every program you print from?
    Is the page setup for the printer OK?

    You can always buy a new dot matrix printer - they still make those. Epson is a sure bet.
  3. dgast

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    Okidata makes dot matrixs as well, they are called the microline series, we use them in the hospitals we support for a few things.
  4. Shiney

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    Sounds like you have a problem with the drivers, try reinstalling. If you are running windows you should have the driver on the cd (or a close match at least).
    Also try sending a text document to the printer from a dos prompt ie copy ******.txt to lpt1: to see if connection is ok.
    Does the printer have a self test sequence (usually accessed by holding certain buttons down during power up ?
    Check the cables are plugged in properley.

    A few ideas for you to try :)

    Good Luck
  5. raebabe

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    Thanks for the good ideas. It ended up being the drivers. They were a pain to find but it works like a charm now.
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