Dota 2 is dropping support for older operating systems and graphics APIs


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OK. that left me speechless. (But not altogether, so don't get your hopes up).

Now If we could return to the topic of this thread, (women's backsides in tight leather pants),, for something a trifle more soothing, Presantamos "RockMilady", a nice Hungarian girl with a penchant for fashion based on animal hides. Besides, you're practically neighbors.

Here's a (very) soft core version, (yet still featuring leather) on violin and electric guitar.

Dear lord girl, button your shirt. Have you no shame?

And speaking of the Roma, even I know it's not all about blood sucking and wild bears. They've managed to breed the (IMO) most beautiful horses in the world, the gypsy vanner.

BTW, that Van Helsing clip made me want to watch the "Hell Boy" series again.