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Hi , every one ,

everyone thing granter that if you install new windows than you need update it .But each new windows , you need download several service pack and security update , however size very big (more than 50MB , about 70 service pack) .How to only once download but update for much install windows .

Help me !!!!!!!!!!


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Is your English a little weak? I build and repair computers so I do a lot of OS installs. I have a fast Cable Internet connection and this helps a lot with the time it takes to update


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-slipstream SP2 and the latest update packs

-have a fast internet connection (adsl/broadband/optic etc)

-leech or "borrow" your friend's fast internet connection :D

-download updates to a cd or dvd beforehand and install it after you finish installing windows.

New updates happen every week so its pointless to only need to download it only "once". The best you can do is have the latest updates so that you won't be far behind in the recent updates from the one on your disc, hence lesser download size.
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