Dr. Watson Errors with MS Office

By mactoolsix
Feb 3, 2008
  1. I recently purchased a Compaq (refurb.) with XP Pro specifically because I didn't want to deal with Vista.
    This laptop is wireless & bluetooth capable, so I connect thru a home network to another computer (desktop) & printer.

    If the desktop computer is off, and I open any MS Office application (word or excel) using a document on the laptop, within 30 seconds I get a Dr.Watson error. This of course ends all progress and I must reopen the document, which starts the whole process all over. I can move the DR. Watson error window out of the way and continue working.

    If the desktop computer is on, all works well! I haven't tried yet, but I'll bet taking the laptop to another location, out of range of the wireless router will produce the same problem.

    The error link to MS says the "MS Office program is too old" (2000) and they recommend updating to a new version. So I downloaded a trial version MS Office 2007 - same problem! Why wasn't I surprised?

    Also, if I turn off the wireless, I have the same problem.

    I read a post about going to Explorer, Tools, Advanced and checking "allow third parties . . . " but I don't find that option.

    All ideas appreciated!!
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