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drdos 7.03/windows 98 help please!

By xxxpac
Mar 9, 2006
  1. ok heres the deal. just got a new dell laptop today. had no os on it so i was gonna put 98 and then on to 2000. ive never used drdos before so its a little different. im tryin to reformat/parition/etc so i can put windows on and get it up and running. basically what im asking is how to manuever around in drdos to get what i want. i tried creating a partition and then running setup on the 98 disk. one other big problem is that i had to create a 98 boot CD because it has no floppy drive. then it tells me that that the setup on the 98 cd wont run because 'largest executable file must be greater than 400000 (about) bytes.

    can anybody please help me get this thing up and running PLEASE!
    thanks guys!
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