Build a PC Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

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Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

What is your Dream Machine? I mean spec... but realistic example not a time machine and what component brand you have bad experience with and what brand you very worship?

heres my Dream Spec:
- AMD Athlon64 FX-74 quad-core
- dual 300gb internal hdd, 15,000rpm, 16mb cache
- Blue Ray burner
- 8gig Buffalo Firestix rams
- dual 2900XT 1gig version in crossfire mode
- E-Mu 1616M 16 channels sound card
- Physx card
- Killer Nic card
- Altec Lansing FX5051 89 watts 5.1 surround sound system
- 1000watt Antec TruePower Quattro psu
- Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
- liquid cooling
- custom see through hard plastic glass case
- gigantic fan that cover each side of the case
- red lighting fancy neon colors
- every components all red color like ram, video card, mobo etc....
- Machine name: The Blood Demon

I chose amd processor cause so far I have no problem with amd cpu. I have bad experience with intel cpu's..... got celeron 466mhz and it auto reboot often and sometimes wont boot. got pentium3 1.10ghz on laptop and it is out of order for less than 3 years of purchase. got pentium4 3.0ghz 630 and going to folder full of pictures seems slower than my athlon64 3200+ winchester.

chose dual 300gb instead of one piece 1tb hdd is cause as i study theres no 1tb that has 15,000rpm so ill go with dual 300gb 15,000rpm, 16mb cache instead.

chose blu ray over hd dvd is... just felt like it.

chose buffalo firestix ram is cause i really admire and worship buffalo brand! last time i bought a used, dirty, no antena, junk looking buffalo router at ebay.... and it works flawlessly! no random disconnect! nothing at all! before i bought a Dlink router brand new sealed and it disconnect me randomly! and oftenly! like evry 10min! it disconnect me and auto connect itself... even i bought brand new sealed! i never deal with Dlink again and buffalo really made me proud! so buffalo brand got my credit... so now i am pretty sure all their product are reliable and good! although it dont seems that they are not a pure specializing ram company such like crucial or kingston but i really think they are great on ram too! 8gig ram to assure no sudden hicup lagg exist! stable and steady performance! oh yeah I bought PNY ram and inside wasnt PNY ram! it was something else! will never tust PNY again and will never deal with PNY product again. Buffalo is the most trusted brand for me.

chose ati radeon hd2900xt is cause i have always use ati cards and have never have a problem! been using x300se, x700pro and x850xt and no problem at all! also i notice myself that ati has better image quality, sharp and brilliant colors! i mena usually i always hear ati has great image quality but never see it for myself and now i experience myself that ati is truly have superior image quality! i took game screenshots and compare with others with 6800 ultra and 7800gt on max settings and mannn my ati x850xt card are indeed superior image quality! deep, sharp and brilliant color! also ati tends to have more shader power than nvidia cards so its a crysis proof since crysis diffinitely eats alot of shader power... and ati card will be perfect for crysis!

chose E-Mu for sound card is that.... I have bad experience with creative lab. I bought the basic 30 bucks creative lab sound card 24bit.... it have driver problem.... like sometimes it will randomly set itself to 2 channel when i already set to 5.1 it did it often. and sometimes it made one of the speaker dont work, I had to reboot to make it work. Will never deal with Creative Lab again... although i have not try their high end sound card but still i have a feeling that i dont trust it.

chose Physx card.... for realistic atmosphere and physics... movements...

chose Killer Nic card to boost up connection.... reduce connection lagg especially a great idea if you playing a mmorpg that the server located at Malaysia and you're from USA... such as a mmo called Perfect World.... connection lagg like the sound of attacks will delay.... and the attack animation are delay. I always have connection lagg problem when playing games that hosted in malaysia when im in USA and im sure Killer Nic will help.

chose antec psu is cause... its just top of the line psu brand in my opinion! Ultra is a good acceptable quality and affordable while antec is superb quality! Ultra is good quality... Antec is superb quality!!!!

chose windows vista is cause.... duhh its the latest windows! and also im choosing the 64bit since 64bit will surely take 8gig ram to the fullest!


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rik said:
That little lot wouldn't be any good without a mobo tho.

i am a low-average user and sometimes i concider myself a noob. i have no knowlege on mobo.... i never study about mobo..... no idea which mobo is good or bad. but i want a mobo that supports 8gig ram and crossfire mode.
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