dream scene 2

By William Bellman
Oct 27, 2007
  1. Searching through the forums i have found nothing pertaining to my problem.
    There must be some one out there that could help me isolate or narrow down the different causes
    (a) my dream scene was working fine until i upgraded my video drivers. So finding i had problems with the driver i just rolled it back and no more problem.
    (b) Now i had by this time been aware that M/S had made three new dream scenes available so i downloaded them and they wouldnt work on my present drivers yet the old original dreamscenes still worked fine.
    (c) so i upgraded the latest drivers from Nvidia for my Ge Force 7600 gt card and then the problems started once again. But the original dream scenes still work with the new drivers.
    (d) it would suggest that the problem lies fairly and squarely at the feet of M/S and yet M/S has not or will not acknowledge this problem.

    Has any one else had a similar problem.
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