By Lloyd Christman
Jul 12, 2006
  1. hey every1, so ya, i love my DC, but i cant really find any games that i like that are within price range, so i've been playin a few games here n there, but then i came across a thing called DreamSNES where you can play SNES games on your DC...? You burn a disk with all this stuff n SNES Roms, n BaM! You're playing SNES on your DC. I was really excited to see this because i definitely love the classics, but I cant figure out how to get the IP.BIN thing and all this other junk, n i've read A LOT of threads and guides, but none of them seem to work....or im doing it wrong...and ive wasted bout 10 blank CDs now, so my question was, does anybody know what im talking about? if so, have you done it?....and if so to THAT, then is there a possibility you could tell me a step-by-step way to doing it? thanks
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