driver errors upon reboot

By juls458
Nov 7, 2005
  1. I have a Toshiba Satelitte Pro M15 5405, and its acting really wacky. It happened about a week ago, I noticed that the network icon in the lower toolbar by the time started disconnecting and reconnecting alot, than my computer started getting slower and slower and slower and would randomly restart. I ignored it at first not thinking much of it, which I guess was probably dumb. Next thing I starts to restart randomly again and it gets stuck in the boot screen and gives me options like "start in safe mode", "safe mode with networking capabilities" and "configure to last working setting" (or something to that effect). It also said corrupt files or something:


    I'm not really sure what all that means, but that's what its telling me is corrupt. I thought that configuring to last setting would be a good idea, so that whatever problem its having can fix itself, but sadly there are files on my laptop that aren't backed up (dumb, i know). So I didn't want to pick that option for fear of losing the files. Also, I tried putting in an XP disc to see if that would help matters...but not much happened; it just kept saying the same thing over and over about those dang drivers. Someone please help me!
  2. IronDuke

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    System File Checker

    In the Run box type: sfc /scannow. Have you Windows CD handy as you may be asked for it.
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