Driver Issue

By JumpStart02
Apr 1, 2007
  1. Alright. Im sorry if I dont use technical ugh, Vocabulary. Im only 14, and have little expierience with computers. My father purchased my computer for me in September. That exact night we had issues. Our volume would not work, We called Customer Support and they solved the issue, Somewhat.

    Everytime I turn my computer on i go to Application and Driver recovery, and install my Audio Driver then shut down my computer and turn it back on. I got used to this process, But now we have a new problem.

    When I first bought my computer the audio was my only problem. I installed games, Such as WoW and Halo, Etc. Today, I just bought a printer. And to be able to install it I need to run a specific disk. I insert the disk and my computer wont read it. I tried other disk as well and got the same results. I despratley need assitances. I have Windows XP and my computers Brand is Gateway.. Ive been researching and understand now the Gateway lacks good quality. Any information or help it greatly appreciated.

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