Drivers to best utilize my MoBo?

By Bark4Soul
Jan 11, 2007
  1. I have an Asus K8V deluxe Mobo and I am getting ready to format. I've had a lot of weird comp issues over the week and half my box works. I was curious if anyone knows anything about Asus. I have two frontside USB ports that arent working and I was wondering if anyone knew what drivers I needed to best use the mobo and make the front side USB ports work? I'll be honest I know next to nothing abot MoBo's and I know someone here can educate me, plz help a dude with some knowledge?
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  3. Bark4Soul

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    Thank you sir...I lost a lot of my cds when I moved recently...and Im getting ready to do my first format without anyones help. Does Windows load that kinda stuff automatically or do I need to download stuff to make it run more effecient?
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    The VIA 4 in 1 drivers are chipset drivers. These are the most important. You can format by booting off your XP CD and when you get to where the XP installations are, delete any existing partitions and do a fresh install of XP. The program will format the drive for you. Make sure you choose a NTFS format, not FAT32. After you finish the XP install, download and install the Asus drivers
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