Drives missing from My Computer

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Mar 17, 2007
  1. Okay All of my local disk drives are missing from my computer (Drives C:, D:, and E:)
    I believe it has something to do with Tweak UI or Children Control two programs that I believe may have hidden the drive but cannot undo it. I also believe there may be something deleting my files as I've noticed multiple programs and shortcuts deleting in secret.
    Screen shot of My computer
  2. zipperman

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    Heres my setting.I don't have G but allow 1 extra.
    So why havn't you done this check ?
    Have you tried Explorer instead of my Computer ?

    There are many ways to access your Drives.
    Search Menu will do it.

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  3. Tomwa

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    It doesn't display it in search It gives me Local Disk Drives() option but I don't like to search the other drives when I only need to search on one.
  4. zipperman

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    You don't get the point

    This is just a way to see if Windows lists all your drives somewhere.
    Does "From My Computer"
    mean clicking the desktop icon named
    "My Computer"?
    I'm not sure exactly what your asking to find or fix.
    What is listed and what is missing ?

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  5. Tomwa

    Tomwa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    If I click the My computer icon The local disk drives option isn't shown so my c: d: and e: drives are not viewable. If i attempt to save a file I cannot go to any of those drives as it doesn't list them.
  6. zipperman

    zipperman TS Rookie Posts: 1,179   +7

    Partition ?

    Did you partition this HD to 3 partitions ? C D and E,
    Is C only part of your total HD space ?
    Or is it Optical drives that are missing ?
    cd-rom or dvd's
    Are any cd-rom drives there ?
    Is A floppy there ?
    My attachments are being removed.
    Did you view them ?
    Did you check Tweakui for unchecked drives ?
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