Dropper Virus Delph 3.L

By Maurice
Dec 18, 2004
  1. Again, when deleting a batch of e-mails, I first went to "deleted mail", to retrieve an e-mail that I thought I had got rid of by mistake, not seeing it there, I left the deleted files window open, & clicked on "empty deleted files folder", clicked "yes", & was told that I had the virus, named in the header above.
    No it isn't deja vu, I did this before, & was told by at least one of the regular responders to my e-mails that it was a coincidence, now it has happened again, exactly as before.
    I ran AVG, which detected it, but couldn't remove it to vault, saying that it was still on the drive, when I opened the vault, however, the file it was in, was already there, having been there seven weeks, but no mention of
    Delph 3.L ......?

    Maurice [​IMG]
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