DSL Suddenly quit working, D-link router and phone box

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Dec 27, 2005
  1. Excuse the extreme ignorance here. I have read through the other posts and I have no idea how to "ping" my router or anything like that. I have DSL through a motorola surfboard modem, a D-link router, and an internet phone box. Everything was working grand until a few days ago. My browsing was becoming quite slow and I installed "Wintask" and a piggyback memory manager to check out my running processes and speed up my browsing. That's where the problems started accelerating. I was losing my internet connection and couldn't restore it. I reset my settings and then uninstalled the software, but I still can't get my internet connection to stay. If I power everything down, I can get back on, but then I am kicked off again and cannot reconnect. I have tried doing a system restore to no avail. Since my other computers are also having trouble connecting, I think it must be one of the hardware devices that handles my networking. How do I solve this? Dialup is quite slow where I live. :confused:
  2. Samstoned

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    are you sure your on DSL not cable
    and if you are on a voice over internet tel system
    this modem is seperate from the surfboard
    setting in router could be dropping the dhcp server and not getting it back till you repower
    in the d-link disable dhcp use gateway instead
  3. Irish Okie

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    You're right, it is cable not DSL, sorry. And I do have a voice over internet modem. Yesterday my high speed ISP came out and replaced my modem and a splitter that seemed to be causing signal drop. Everything seemed fine until last night and then my connection was lost again, but not on all of my pc's. I have tried resetting and cannot reconnect on either my main PC or X-Box live.

    How do I change the settings on my router? I cannot get to my router's management page. I did a reset on it the other day to no avail. I will try bypassing the telephone modem and see where that gets me. That is, if I can remember where all the plugs go... ;)
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Try entering in the space where you would normally put a website-name, such as www.techspot.com

    If your router's IP is different, look it up in the manual.
  5. Irish Okie

    Irish Okie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got it, thanks. Don't see a setting for "disable" dhcp, but there is one to release it, and one to renew. Tried those. Repowered, works for the moment. Is releasing the same as disabling?

    I noticed the lights on my router flicker quite a bit. Is that significant? They are pretty steady now.

    By the way, RBS, you're my hero.... :grinthumb
  6. Samstoned

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    the light that stays flashing means your modem and router are talking correctly.
    release and renew are just from the wan side (your isp )
    the dhcp disable is the router as server side
    I find it works better to disable this as there may be conflict between router and dhcp and your modem dhcp(isp)
    keep looking around you will find it.
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