Dual Boot, 2 HDD - Vista & XP

By Coth
Oct 19, 2007
  1. I installed Vista on C: first then I decided to install XP on D: and XP won't display Vista as a choice as an OS. I set the Vista HDD in the BIOS as first boot device but XP wants to take over, ignoring Vista as a choice. I know it has to do with the boot.ini file on C: (Vista HDD).

    I am fairly sure that I will have to edit the boot.ini file but I am not sure what to add or take away.
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    You are close to right. Except Vista uses a completely different bootloader over the 2000/XP one.

    You'll want to repair your Vista installation, and then use EasyBCD to get XP in Vista's bootloader. When you have EasyBCD open, go to Add and Entry and choose XP. Then point that at where your XP installation is (should be obvious by opening up My Computer and checking your drives/partitions). Save, then its done, next reboot Vista's bootloader will have XP and Vista.

    Pretty good explanation in case you don't like mine here. You'll have to scroll down a little until you get to the part that is relavent to you.
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    Thank you. I had a hunch to do the first step and then the next, wanted a bonifide and trustworthy post to explain it right :)

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