Dual boot...mac os and xp or vista

By joel_dmccfi
Dec 21, 2007
  1. i have a new laptop given to me by my mother. it is an apple laptop with MAC OS. my problem is, am not comfortable with the MAC OS. I understand that apple laptops are exclusive user of MAC OS. can it be possible to make it boot to windows XP or Vista?

    any help would be deeply appreciated.

    thank you everyone and merry christmas...
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  2. Didou

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    Take a look at Bootcamp in the Utilities folder.
  3. Photog78

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    If your laptop has the Intel processor, then yes, it is possible to boot to Windows XP (This is how my Apple laptop is set up) or Vista. If you have the Leopard OS (10.5+), then use the Bootcamp utility to install XP or Vista. If you have Tiger (10.4.* or below), then you need to either upgrade to Leopard or find Bootcamp from a source other than Apple (They don't offer is as a download since the release of Leopard). Hope this helps and Merry Christmas =)
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