Dual Boot options disappeared - Win98/2K

By linuxwannabee
Mar 27, 2005
  1. Scenario - Two Hard drives on our system - C: drive with Windows 98SE on it (installed first), D: drive with Windows 2000 (upgrade) on it.

    Windows 2000 was having problems, but simply re-installing wasn't an option, wouldn't let me. Work around - in the root of the c: drive, when I made hidden and system files visible, I notice several files relating to the dual boot setup. I copied a number of files (can't remember all their names, boot.ini and ntldr among others) to a floppy disc and moved the same files into a previously invisible folder called 'WUTemp' - I now realise this was a big mistake, this folder being 'windows update temp' folder, and apparently must be flushed - the files are no longer available. :blush:

    What I can't understand, having right-clicked the same files and used the 'send to' floppy command, and having observed floppy noise and led activity, so presumably copied them, these too have disappeared!!

    I needed to move these files from the root of the C: drive in order to be able to re-install windows 2000. I was then going to either copy the old files back, or do some copying and pasting from opening the old ones in notepad and pasting relevant info into the new ones. But I'm stuck because the files are no longer there - either in the WUTemp folder or the floppy. Stranger still, they don't appear to have been replaced as I thought they would, by successfully reinstalling Win2000.

    I suspect something was amiss, when the Win2k setup installer didn't even give options during install restarts - usually a 3 second delay to either continue with Win2k install or boot from windows (in this case 98SE).

    Why have these files disappeared from the floppy, were they even copied - more importantly, can I recreate the necessary files so that I am once again presented with two boot options at startup - Windows (98SE) or Windows 2000?

    Even nicer - is it possible to get Windows 2000 to be the second option in the list, so if people don't do anything, the system will always boot into 98SE?

    Help, help - I thought I was been clever working around, to re-install Windows 2000, but I hadn't bargained on my carefully thought out plan back firing by the files disappearing from the floppy disc or WUTemp folder.
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Does your Explorer display ALL files and extensions, including system and hidden files?
    Click Tools/Folder Options, then View. The files might be 'hidden' on that floppy.
  3. linuxwannabee

    linuxwannabee TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks for this.

    I discovered that win2k has an additional option - view 'invisible' files.

    You're right, turned out my files were there, I've made a wee edit to the bootloader file and everything is now working as was :approve:

    All the best

    daveB - LinuxWannabee
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