Dual Boot - Using WINXP twice

By Michael M
Jan 10, 2004
  1. I could use some help before I make a mistake

    I am trying to create a dual boot system with XP on both partitions.

    Before anyone says why would you do that -- I need to do video editing in a totally clean space (no other apps but video) and I need to also use same PC for normal work - email presentations etc as I can't afford a dedicated video workstation.

    Soo here's where I am -- The system camed with XP and a large Raid0 drive (240g)

    I used Partition Magic 8.0 to create a second Primary Drive NTFS on the system.

    What is my next best step --- I could have PM make it active so the next time I turn on computer it boots there and says I have no operating system and insert the XP disk?

    Or I could put leave in nonactive in PM and start the process of XP install from within XP? Im worried that if I do that it will try to install over the current XP -- Will it let me chose where to install?

    Also once I get passed this I am assuming that I have to reinstall all my drivers in the new Operating System is that correct?
    Michael M
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