Dual Boot Vista Ultimate 64 with XP Pro on separate SATA drives

By myarkangel
Apr 16, 2008
  1. Hello everyone, I am the new guy - myarkangel.

    I too need help (instructions) configuring a new system for dual boot OS on separate SATA drives. Also, which OS should be installed first? Vista or XP.
    Drive 1 - Vista Ultimate 64-bit
    Drive 2 - XP Pro
    Resources: New 10K Sata drives.
  2. Matthew

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    Unless you want to alter things manually, take a look at EasyBCD.
  3. myarkangel

    myarkangel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Zenosincks, thanks for the reply.

    To further expand my question "How to setup dual boot", can I do the following? Install Windows 98 < > XP Pro < > Vista Ultimate 64 on a Raid system?
    I am working with three 10K SATA HDD and military software that probably written for Windows 98 because I am unable to install them in XP Pro.

    What do you recommend?

    Thanks you again,
  4. myarkangel

    myarkangel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I need help from you SME out there, How to setup a Multi-OS boot system using <Win98> <XP Pro> <Vista Ultimate 64> on three separate SATA hard drives. All there is required for operation.
    First, I created a RAID stripping with three SATA drives. Using XP Pro partitioned the Array and formatted into three logical drives. Installed XP Pro first without a problem, but my Plextor optical drive would not recognize Win98 CD and stopped any attempts for installation.

    1. Is it even possible to setup multi-boot OS in RAID configuration?
    2. Can multi-boot OS be setup on separate HDD in non RAID configuration?
    3. Which sequence should the OS be installed? Assuming Vista 64 is last.

    Windows 98 – drive 01, FAT32
    WinXP Pro – drive 02, NTFS
    Vista Ultimate 64 – 03, NTFS

    Thanks in advance.
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