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Mar 22, 2002
  1. I have read the article on dual booting that informs one to come to this forum. I could follow what it says if one is to start from scratch on a disk. But I would like to simply take my hard disk from my computer and place it in a new one that also has a new dsik. My original disk has 98SE on it. Won't the new computer just boot up in win98SE if I make it the primary drive? Then I'm hoping to just load windows 2000 on the new faster drive (7200RPM) and run my audio recording applications on that. Can I do something like this. Or do I have to start from scratch? What would you do if you were me in this situation?

  2. svtcobra

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    You'll be able to do what you want. All you need to do is set your current drive's jumper to the slave setting and your all set. Make sure you set the drive's jumper you want to load win2k onto as master.
  3. boeingfixer

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    You are just skipping one step. On a dual boot machine, you want to load Win 98 first then Win 2k. It will make an entry into the bootloader so when you boot, you will have a message asking you which OS to boot to. It's easy to do it, have fun. If you run into trouble, just ask us all for help.
  4. lokem

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    Just to add to that. If you already have Win2k installed and you want to install Win98, try running Win98 setup with an extra parameter:

    setup /ntldr

    That'll instruct the setup proggie to leave the MBR alone. It *should* also create an entry in the boot.ini file. As always, backup your stuff b4 doing this :D
  5. boeingfixer

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    Thanks Lokum, I couldn't remember the command for that, it's been awhile since I set up dual boot.

    And as a side bar, I will always think of you Lokum when I put an AMD Cpu in with those words on them....Assembled in Maylaysia ;)
  6. lokem

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    Not a problem :D I really hope they don't change the "Assembled in Malaysia" thingy soon coz I'm getting used to it seeing the CPUs with that :D
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    It's not as simple as just moving your harddisk to a new computer; especially if the new computer has different components than the original computer, since all the specs of all the different parts of the new computer will need to be stored in the new harddrive and you'll need to reinstall any necessary drivers.

    Leftover settings from the old computer will still exist once you put the harddrive in the new computer. In the device manager, you'll probably see them having a red 'X' since the computer can't find those old components. I suggest, before transferring the harddrive, to go to the device manager and remove all the device that will not be used in the new computer.
  8. erwin1978

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    I'm glad I saw this post since I've uninstalled/installed win98 and win2000 in dual boot setup so many times even if all I wanted to reinstall was win98 since if I install it first then during bootup I won't see the option to boot to win2000 any longer.

    Would it work if I just go edit the boot.ini file in win98 or does the mbr need the extra info to find the win2000 loader?
  9. plusfourfour

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    Can programs be just copied from 98SE to win2k

    OK. Thanks for all that very useful info. I come from a Unix background and things were a lot different. Maybe I can transfer some applications simply by copying across directories? Maybe I can copy across the registry info. I would like to do this because some of my programs were upgraded by a series of maybe up to 5 upgrades! If I can't just copy them across I have to go through all the upgrade processes again. And in some cases I'd even have to download the upgrades again as I must have lost some.

    Well I'm just wondering how much simple copying is possible. I have noticed that some *.exe programs from my windows 3.0 days just work without anything being done but copying them from a floppy and running them.

    Cheers :blush:
  10. lokem

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    I don't quite get your question. When would you want to edit the boot.ini file? Before or after Win98 installation?
  11. erwin1978

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  12. lokem

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    It will work. Thing is, once you've installed Win98 with the /ntldr switch, the boot.ini file will be modified accordingly.
  13. erwin1978

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    So you're telling me that when the computer first boots it looks for the boot.ini file in win98; if it finds it then it will show the option to pick which OS to boot?
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