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dual burner not burning & needed boot disk to set original partitions in maxtor hardr

By stealedcircle
Feb 21, 2006
  1. software glich with my burner & 2 hardrives only = 127 each not 500gb


    heres another burner problem ha.

    the burner works and runs but when i send items to be burned by win xp. the burner stops recignizing the dvd part and only does Cd's i bought a new burner NEC but nothing changes.

    does anyone know a way install harddrives with out having the things only recignized as 127gb's? i have 2 seagate hardrives one 200 and the other 300 but the orignal partition only comes up at 127 then i have to do another for what evers left and lose 20 to 30 gb that way for each drive
    i have both services packs and nothing changes. i don't want to partition them to 127 and then the rest is. there a way to fix this?
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