dual channel memory in over 1 gig

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Sep 23, 2003
  1. I just purchased everything i needed for my new system except the memory as the motherboard supports dual channel pc3200/2700/2100 up to 2 gig. Here's the deal though, i can find 1 gig of dual channel memory but it is 512x2, is there no such thing as 2 gig dual channel 1024x2? I want to max out the memory but am unable to find what i need.:eek:


    p.s. i only have 2 memory slots that's why i need two 1024's
  2. Greeno

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    i dont know anyone that makes pc3200 1gb's

    what speed are u looking for? obviously lower down the speeds its easier to get 1gb's tho... such as pc2100 ecc stuff is common for servers and the like
  3. army35m1

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    The thing is i can find regular ddr all day long in 1 gb modules but i can't find dual channel ram in pairs higher than 512.
  4. Nic

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    You don't need matched pairs to run dual-channel, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever. Matched pair are only useful if you overclock, so that both modules will reach similar speeds.
  5. LNCPapa

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    In all honesty, after my experiences with Dual Channel ddr boards I would now suggest to anyone who plans to run in this mode to buy the pairs as a kit. Had some bad experiences revolving around the RAM that really lowered the stability of the machine, but only in certain applications (AC2 at the time.)
  6. trex6900

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    2x1gb dual channel ram

    hey i have a set i got from new egg its Geil pc3200 (2x1gb) with blue heat spreaders i love em.. good price too
  7. spartanslayer

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