Dual Channel Puzzled

By masterblaster
Dec 4, 2005
  1. hi..everyone..

    Before I go deep, let me say ..one thing..that I'nt a master or whiz in computers..but given the advice and proper recommendations..yeah..I can get through the troubles I have... :confused:

    Well..my system configuration is

    Computer Type ACPI Uniprocessor PC
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    OS Service Pack SP 2
    CPU Type AMD Athlon 64, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 3500+
    Motherboard Name MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025) (5 PCI, 1 AGP,
    4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Dual Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)
    Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce3 Ultra, AMD Hammer
    BIOS Type Award (09/07/05)
    Display RADEON 9800 (256 MB)
    RAM 1024 MB RAM

    The scenario... :suspiciou

    I have two 512 MB GoodMem (2x 512 - PC3200 - 400Mhz) from the same manufacturer.I wanted to obtain Dual Channel since my motherboard said it supports Dual channel.Before the dual channel setting. I had setted up the memory in 1st slot and 3rd slot.My bios read the speed as 400 Mhz with 1GB ram.Even my windows system properties also reported the same thing i.e 1GB ram installed.To get the dual channel , I installed the memory modules in 1st slot and the 2 slot.When I looked in bios ,it showed that it is Dual Channel 128Bit.But when it shows the ram,the size is 512 MB ram installed.Even in the system properties of windows also shows that it is 512 MB ram.

    The question... :confused:

    1)Why is that 2x512 shows as 512 MB RAM both in bios and system properties in Windows?

    2)Is there any performance degradation?

    3)Will it help me achieve in dual channel mode ,to get 1 Gb ram availablity when running apps like Adobe CS2, Far Cry etc

    4) Where have I gone wrong?

    Any one ..having any clue...can give a words of advice

    Thanks ...a lot ... :approve:
  2. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    Surely it should be reading 1gb of RAM,just check that the sticks are firmly seated.If that doesn't work try them in DIMMs 3&4.
  3. masterblaster

    masterblaster TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I checked the sticks .They are firmly seated otherwise it won't show DDR 400Mhz Dual Channel 128Bit During the Post setup of the computer.

    Also I tried your method, i.e seating them in 3rd slot and 4th slot respectively.Funny..is that...now in the post setup it shows DDR333 Mhz Dual Channel 128Bit.

    I felt a performance lag in the setup of dual channel meaning, I couldn't expect any thing but I felt the apps opening and closing etc..was taking a delay.

    To avoid this, I went back to single channel i.e 1st slot and 3rd slot..

    Any input in this issue..is mostly welcome..

    thanks !
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