DUAL Laptop Mobo

By Olvidame
Aug 9, 2004
  1. I recently acquired a DUAL laptop and I was wondering how I can determine the make and model of the motherboard. The computer model number is MVA-6690. It has an AMD 400 mhz processor and I want to see if the motherboard can take anything faster. I also want to update the BIOS. Any help?!
    (I tried opening it but can't quite get it open)
  2. somekid007

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    wut is a dual laptop
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Not easy to find information about this one. Dual Technologies doesn't seem to have a webpage and the laptop is quite old.

    As you have a 400 MHz CPU, and one option for this laptop was a 266 MHz Intel one, I guess the maximum multiplier is 4 (66 x 4 = 266).

    MINERVA 6690 / pcs (cms) 3399 - 4399 (1998)
    Laptop-Rechner mit variabler Prozessorbestückung, unterschiedlich grossen TFT-Displays, zwei MByte VRAM (64-Bit-PCI-Grafik), zwanzigfach schnellem CD-ROM-Laufwerk, Diskettenlaufwerk, 32 MByte EDO-RAM (bis 128 MByte), 256 kByte Level-2-Cache-Speicher, 3,2-GByte-IBM-Festplatte, 16-Bit-Klangerzeugung (SOUND-BLASTER-PRO-kompatibel, YAMAHA OPL 3), Touchpad, vorinstalliertem Windows95, USB-Port, sowie zwei PCMCIA-Steckplätzen vom Typ II bzw. einer vom Typ III. Die Varianten:

    Variante Prozessortyp Displaygrösse Preis (DM)
    A AMD A266 12,1" 3399,-
    B AMD A266 13,3" 3699,-
    C AMD A300 12,1" 3499,-
    D AMD A300 13,3" 3799,-
    E INTEL Pentium Mobile 233 MMX 12,1" 3799,-
    F INTEL Pentium Mobile 233 MMX 13,3" 4099,-
    G INTEL Pentium Mobile 266 MMX 12,1" 3999,-
    H INTEL Pentium Mobile 266 MMX 13,3" 4399,-
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