Dual Monitor Issues

By G_of_T
Dec 15, 2007
  1. Hi guys, I've tried searching the web for the issues that i've been having but i can't seem to find a clear solution. I have a laptop with a GeForce GO 7900 GS video card, and my secondary monitor is a 19" samsung LCD TV (not a legit computer monitor). I understand that things won't be perfect on the TV because TV's are simply don't have resolutions like computer monitors. But anyways, i got the dual monitors to work with an s-video cable but i'm still running into some problems. Say if i wanted to watch a movie on the TV, i would drag winamp or WMP onto the TV, but when i make it fullscreen the video becomes fullscreen on the laptop display not the TV. At the same time while the laptop is fullscreen with the movie, the TV now has some of my icons that were on my laptop. Is there a way i can fix this problem?

    Simply put:

    How can i make a media player stay fullscreen on the TV and not the laptop? How can i stop the media player from swithing over?

  2. tipstir

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    Media Classic



    They work better, but I must warn you that doing like your doing above does not always work all the time. I've tried it myself. Then you run into problems. Does the 19 LCD HdTV have VGA? If it does then use it as a Monitor Extender. So this would give you wrap around view.
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    It goes fullscreen on your primary display, whichever it is. WMP probably changes the screen resolution in fullscreen mode, causing icons outside the new, smaller resolution area to move.

    Many graphics cards have problems with overlay video in non-primary displays. You can fix that by either using something other than overlay to display video, or by making the TV your primary display (at least while you're watching).
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