Dual Monitor problem

By thehacker
Aug 7, 2007
  1. I have an onboard VGA of VIA and an extra AGP card of nVidia GeForce. I m trying to install dual monitors. one on onboard vga and other on agp card. xp help and dual monitor guides say to just start the comp by plugging in the extra monitor to the agp card. it doesnt say anything about onboard vga. and when i start the pc my whole display goes to the second monitor connected to the agp and onboard vga doesnot works. Guides say that i will se two montiors in display properties. and it says to change the refresh rates and resolution to match the type of monitor plugged. but i dont see the main monitor there. only one connected to the agp is shown.
    so is i m doing something wrong or there is some other issue?
  2. Didou

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    Many onboard vga chipsets will disable themselves when you insert a card in the agp slot. Look in your motherboard's manual to see if there isn't any extra information on the subject.
  3. thehacker

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    thanks for the info.....
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