Dual monitors.(sorry if in wrong forum)

By i_am_a_newbie
Jul 15, 2006
  1. Audio and Video seemed like an appropriate place. If not, I apologize.

    Anywho, on to my question.

    Now, I'm thinking of setting up a dual monitor system, as I would like to be able to multitask a little easier. I need a few things answered before I do, however.

    First, people have been telling me time and time again to NEVER use two monitors of different size. What is the problem with this? Does it just look bad?

    I currently have a 15" Samsung LCD.

    If mixing two different sizes is a bad idea, I will be purchasing two larger monitors, and that's where I need some more help.

    I need reliable, preferably cheap monitors. But the kicker is, I cannot order from Newegg as they do not ship to Canada, so any deals from there are out of the question. My budget is about $450 CDN(a few bucks over won't hurt too bad). Thanks for the help guys.
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