Dual Monitors w/ Jedi Outcast

By Mighty LoPan
Sep 25, 2002
  1. Has anyone done this? I'm using a GeForce Ti 4200, and I've got two monitors in XP. I'd like to put my second monitor to use in the game (and while we're on the subject, it'd be nice for Halflife, too...), but I haven't seen any mention of anyone doing it. Any ideas?

    I remember seeing something a few years ago on Slashdot about modifying the view on a single monitor in Quake to give a fisheye view so you could pretty much see behind you. I wonder if there's a way to direct a portion of the view onto a second monitor and keep the primary monitor as a normal viewscreen. So that would give the second monitor a kind of side-view mirror effect.

    My machine is brand new, so I'm not really concerned with speed issues.

    Thanks for any help you might have!
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