Dual nic adapter setup or the best out of teaming

By Samstoned
Jan 17, 2005
  1. now for some head banging decided to make use of my spare intel nic and all the tweaking I have been doing on my DSL connection (10,000 ft awayfrom hub)
    after 3 hrs of trying to find info use said info and the software deleting and reinstalling drivers on and on wheew !!
    low and behold I have sharing or teaming of 2 nics
    before I did this my average DL was 80 kbs
    high as 210kbs with a intel gigabit card pro 1000MT
    removed this and replaced with a reg pro 100 and a 10/100 pro server
    on one site test I now get 1200kbs on another I get 712kbs ?
    DL's are now 70kbs average high at start 600kbs ,but whats weird is webb pages load like crazy
    and my web checker says my average is 350kbs
    anyone knows some way to tweak this system as I am not very familiar with teaming allmost forgot uploding has gone up to 130 no matter what time of day
    Thank you very much
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