Dual XP system

By wasntlistening
Sep 9, 2003
  1. Initially I had problems after installing video drivers. Boot up was ok just couldnt read the desktop, fuzzy horizontal lines. Didnt have any luck with system restore from boot, and wasnt allowed to restart in safe mode. I re installed windows, with new partition and was able to system restore off this one which allowed the initial xp to work again. (think i was able to boot using VGA mode which wasnt avaliable previously.

    Now i have C drive and H drive which seems ok because i have 2xWindows XP to play with. One is the system drive and the other is the boot drive. At Bios level the selection of which copy of XP to use is very easy to select, no problems there.

    The problem is im unale to set up a internet connection on C drive (volume), nor enable system restore on this drive. Should i somehow integrate the two partions??? Deleting one seems difficult as one is the boot and the other the system drive.

    Your Comments Please
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