DUI Modem issues

By antjscott
Jan 12, 2006
  1. Hey guys. On my computer I still have my dial up modem, for when i sometimes need it when i take my computer to some places. Now the problem is that i have two hard drives, one of which i have xp home (sp1), IDE HDD, (with modem drivers installed on both drives) and the other xp pro (sp2), SATA HDD, which i alternate between sometimes. I usually use my SATA hdd with xp pro sp 2, all firewalls etc disabled, no antivirus etc. now when i go to dial up, it tells me i need to reconfigure my modem or something along those lines, and wont allow me to dial up. now if i remove the modem drivers, and reboot, and reinstall them, it dials up fine. now when i turn my computer off, and turn it back on, or if i hibernate, and turn back on, same problem again. so uninstall drivers, and reinstall. works fine. can anyone help?
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