Dump Date - Random Crashes - Need Analysis

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Jan 14, 2007
  1. I have a Core 2 1.86 with 512 of ddr400 and an ati 9800. I also have a 480W Antec PSU. The MB is a ECS p4m800pro-m v2.0. I am having blue screen issues as well as program crashes back to desktop. This is a dump from my last Blue screen. I have attatched 3 dump files. 1 is a Mini Dump. Thanks in advance for any help you may can give!
  2. Tide

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    File Format

    Not sure if those are in the right format you use in these forums. Here is a link to a Mini-dump itself from dump3. I also have included links to the debug output files from the other 2 files above (zip dump1 and dump2). I believe these are from full dumps not mini dumps.

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  3. cpc2004

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    One minidump is insufficient to find out the root cause. Attach more minidumps here if you have. Your minidump is crashed at ks.sys and it is the symptom of hardware problem. Probably the ram is bad. Run memtest to stress test the ram.

    BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, f7f47f83, ed392bc4, 0}
    Probably caused by : ks.sys ( ks!DispatchDeviceIoControl+26 )

    ed392c40 804eeeb1 815955a8 fdd94320 806e4410 ks!DispatchDeviceIoControl+0x26
    ed392c50 8057e680 fdd94468 feb333e0 fdd94320 nt!IopfCallDriver+0x31
    ed392c64 8057f4e3 815955a8 fdd94320 feb333e0 nt!IopSynchronousServiceTail+0x60
    ed392d00 80578038 000003f4 00000330 00000000 nt!IopXxxControlFile+0x5c5
    ed392d34 8054060c 000003f4 00000330 00000000 nt!NtDeviceIoControlFile+0x2a
    ed392d34 7c90eb94 000003f4 00000330 00000000 nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc
    WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
    01a7fe9c 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x7c90eb94
  4. Tide

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    More Dumps

    Dump 2 up above is a full dump. Then I have the one Minidump you looked at. Now, here are 2 more since I last posted.

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  5. cpc2004

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    The latest minidump is crashed at ati3duag!vGDI3DAATextOut+8467c and it is also related to memory error.

    Probably caused by : ati3duag.dll ( ati3duag!vGDI3DAATextOut+8467c )
  6. Tide

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    I have changed out the memory now and all seems stable. Will let you know if things change. Thanks for your help.
  7. cpc2004

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    Hi Tide.

    Do you have any update?
  8. Tide

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    Yes I replaced the RAM and all is well. I put in a 1Gig stick of DDR2 PC5300 from Buffalo
  9. Tedster

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  10. Jay-

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    I have the same mobo.

    I am told ATI 9XXX pro cards are not compatable with this board.
    Also I had to slow the memory from 533 down to 400 and run with 1 gig only.

    I did memtest for a coupple of hours with no issues.

    Im 100% sure this board cant handle 2 gigs of ram.

    Previsley I ran this board as a trading station with 1gig ram just fine.
    (Matrox 2D video)

    Newegg reviews report this board cant handle 1gig ram and needs 2X512 ram.

    I got mine "free" from a Frys combo but its not very free when you have to reorder, pay shipping, visit and post to forums and then eventually take your system apart and junk the ECS is it?

    ECS p4m800pro is at best a 2D work station board.
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