Dumping Physical Memory Problem Need Advice

By jawad yousaf
Dec 27, 2004
  1. i am using a PC Pentium 3/933Mhz Intel processor operating system is windows 2000 i ve used windows XP too but the problem persists actually the problem is thats my computer shuts down auotmatically stating "DUMPING PHYSICAL MEMORY" and a black screen appears with a count down from "99" to "00" then computer restarts and runs normally after some tiems it repeats i ve chexked with so many ppl some said change the memory and i did some suggested increase memory i did but still i am having the same problem i cant change PC i want to learn about this problem and to solve it plz advice

    thank u


    TMSKILZ TS Rookie

    Jawad Hi,

    I am having a similar problem as yours, but my error message comes in the form of a Blue Screen, with white text. It states that Win has been shut down for my PC protection, it then states either 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR EQUAL" message or 'MEMORY_MANAGEMENT"

    I still haven't figured out the IRQL error, but the Memory_Management one had to do with my memory. I bought & upgraded my memory from a 512MB generic one that came with my barebone system, to 1GB of memory from COSAIR. I haven't received the memory error message since.

    You should also look into a free DOS based program called MEMTEST v86. it runs 7 tests to check for errors in your memory, if it finds any(more than 5) it's an indication your memory is bad or not compatible with your PC Mobo.
  3. vegasgmc

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    Have you checked the Event Viewer in Administrative Tools? Also make sure your cooling fans are working right and that the system isnt clogged with dust, especially the processor heatsink and fan.
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