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Jan 21, 2004
  1. I am looking to buy a dvd burner and a tv in - pci card. Any suggestions for the best models to consider are appreciated (for both the burner and card).

    I am also wondering if dvd burners include the feature of a time base corrector to improve the quality of vhs to dvd transfers. If so, which brands?

    Lastly, have a technical question to discuss. I have one rca jack connected to my television and it extends to my computer. It stretches some 75 feet with a few rca jack connectors between cable runs, and the single extended cable is hidden as it runs within the walls. The tv is on the main floor and the computer on a second floor.

    I have been told by a Radio Shack clerk that I can connect this single rca jack to the 'video out' on the television, and the other end to the 'video in' of the tv in - pci card. Further, I should then be able to connect left and right audio rca jacks into the tv in - pci card, and the other end into the motherboard with a pc adaptor. This configuration, I am told, would then provide stereo audio along with the directly connected video jack in the tv.

    Does this connection scheme make sense to anyone? More importantly, will it work for gaining stereo audio into the computer's hard drive?

    The goal is to feed satellite television into a computer, and then burn individual programs onto a dvd. I am trying to see if I can gain video and stereo audio on the computer with the use of only one rca jack as described in the situation above.

    Any tips on making this connection situation work are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cliff.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    For a DVD-writer, the best on the market (and the fastest) is the Plextor 8X DVD+RW/-RW Burner PX-708A, closely followed by the TDK Internal Indi DVD 8x+/8X- Multiformat, which uses the Plextor technology.

    For time base correctors (TBC) look here, but you are talking bicg bucks, and I am not yet aware of any DVD-burner including this gizmo: http://www.nlesystem.com/NLEsystem/products.asp?category=3672

    If I understand you correctly, if your (hidden) cable has three RCA-connectors on each end, yes, that could work. With just one RCA connector you only get the mixed video/audio signal, this cannot be split up by attaching a 3-way connector.
  3. cokecan72

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    i've got a LG dvd super-multi. it reads and writes everything. it isnt as fast as some of the new ones like the ones realblackstuff suggested but its fast enough.
  4. jub jub

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    Thanks for the note on plextor. I currently use their cdr burner and it works great. I suppose with the plextor dvd burner, my plextor cdr burner will become obsolete, but that's the way it goes!

    Is there any particular tv in - pci card that goes well with this plextor dvd burner?

    The time base corrector isn't a big deal, just a thought. I'm not surprised that dvd burners are not equiped with this feature.

    Yes, I only have one single rca jack between my tv and computer. Hence, a 3-in-1 rca connector will allow for mono sound, I assume, as opposed to stereo sound coming into the computer.
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    As i said before, adding a 3-way RCA connector does NOT split video and sound signals. The RCA-input on your TV has logic behind it to feed the sound-signal to your TV-speaker(s) and you cannot improve on that, other than with 3 separate cables, or better even, with a SCART-cable, if both your tuner and TV support that.

    TV-in PCI cards are independant of DVD burners and vice versa. Your only limit is the amount of money you are prepared to spend.
    Have a look at the excellent Hauppauge hardware and Pinnacle Studio 8 software.
  6. lowman

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    I'm with RealBlackStuff...the Plextor 8X DVD+RW/-RW Burner PX-708A is a great burner, and Plextor in general makes some awesome stuff...
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