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Apr 20, 2007
  1. I got a new computer for christmas, and I just tried to burn a DVD the other day for the first time, everything was fine, but when it said to insert a DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW cd into the drive, I inserted a DVD+R, but it did not recognize it, and kept saying to insert a disc, I tried a DVD-R also to no avail. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Please Help!
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    1) Back to the basics as i don't know how DVD savvy you are: Are you sure the DVDs are blank? (i.e. have never been written to before). You only get one shot at writing to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc.

    2) Google DVDInfoPro and download it. Free for the first 30days. I've found it quite useful in giving me details about the media disc as well as my DVD recorder and player (Make sure your DVD recorder is selected in the device drop down list and then hit the Media button with the disc inserted for media details.)
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    yes they are blank, straight out of a package
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    OK. Well here's some thoughts about things to do next
    1. If you just bought your computer a few months ago is there tech support available for it? That could be best place to start
    2. Do you know someone with DVD-R or DVD+R media they created? See if you can play it back (i.e. maybe not just a write issue). Try playing back other media types as well.
    3. Make sure the lense is clean. Buy a kit and clean the lense.
    4. Download, install and run DVDInfoPro as per my last post. TIP: Look for the Camera Icon in the DVDInfo display. Click it to save an image of the current DVDInfo display data.
      • When started the tool scans for CD / DVD devices on your computer. It then provides a Device Display for one of the devices.
      • Use the device drop down list in Device Display to select the DVD burner you want to use.
      • Click Device icon to display the new device. Note the capabilites checked off. Are these the capabilities you expected? Especially note the Drive Information: Drive String and current firmware level. Look online to check if that's the latest frimware version for that drive.
    5. Insert the blank DVD. Hit the media button. Is it really blank? Does it have the storage capacity you are expecting? Is the type of DVD you are expecting?
    6. Other icons in DVDInfoPro run helpful tests. Tho you need to be past your current problem first.
    7. Be sure to click the Help icon to review all the capabilities offered. I purchased my copy couple years back and certainly have been upgrades since then.

    Good luck. Let us know how it turn's out!
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    See if it will properly read them outside of Windows. What program are trying to use with them? I don't think Windows XP properly deals with blank DVDs in explorer, but Nero will be able to tell you about them if you go to Recorder -> Disk Info.
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