DVD Burner Problems- used to work but doesnt now!!

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Apr 9, 2007
  1. hi, first post so bear with me.
    I have a Liteon DVD writer and am running Nero 7, currently trying to burn onto DVD-R discs.

    My problem is that before I formatted my harddrive I was able to burn AVI files through Nero Vison 7 which it would encode and produce a DVD which worked in my standalone player. However since I reinstalled XP I havent been able to produce a DVD which works on my stand alone player.

    I started by selecting the AVI file in Nero, and it got to the part where you preview it (the remote control page before burn page) but the AVI file wouldnt play in the preview, if I carried on and tried burning it, it just crashed Nero after 30 seconds of trying to burn.

    I read somewhere to intstall the K-Lite codec which I have just done, and voila it burns the disc perfectly - howver it still wont work in my standalone DVD player, but WILL play in my standalone Karaoke player (which presumably is able to play a variety of formats other than DVD).

    I think my problem must be in the format of my final disc as it clearly works on my karaoke machine but not on a standard DVD player. I know its not the discs or the recorder as before I formatted the hard drive it worked fine. Any suggestions on what Im doing wrong???


    Many Many thanks for any replies
  2. VinceIP

    VinceIP TS Rookie

    The first thing you should always do with any hardware trouble is to first update the drivers, then, for the DVD burner, Google search and see if there are any newer firmware updates.

    Have you tried putting burned discs in other DVD players or devices besides the karaoke machine?
  3. iss

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    if your standalone DVD player is an older model it may not support playing burned disc's. since you have a lite on that supports setting booktype, did you have the booktype set to DVD ROM before reinstalling windows? use the lite on tool or even nero to set booktype of burned DVD's as DVDRom this tells your standalone player it is a regular DVD Rom disc instaed of a DVD-R.
  4. cjjowett

    cjjowett TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I wasnt aware of the booktype settings so thanks for that info, will look into it. Bizarelly enough I tried a friends blank DVD-R last night and it worked first time without altering any settings! I have no idea why this may be as I have been using the same DVD-R's and the same standalone player for the past year now with no problems, maybe it just fancied a change of scenery!.
    Anyways its working now, and I wont be buying Datawrite DVD-Rs in future. Could the DVD-R's deteriorate over time whiuch caused the problem? I have had them for almost a year I think?
    Cheers for your help
  5. captaincranky

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    God, We All Hope Not...

    The DVD drives manufacturers site should tell you which blanks they've checked out for compatibility. If DVDs go stale in a year, we're all in a bunch of trouble, now aren't we? I had a cranky TSST OEM drive that would only produce DVD-Video discs that would work on standalone players reliably if they we're burned on DVD+R discs, go figure, especially when my SA recorder is only able to record on DVD-R blanks. I'm really surprised to learn that you had to install another codec for AVI since Nerovision will convert more file types than almost anything else. You're not burning in DVD-VR mode, are you? Just another peice of trivia; everytime I un/reinstall Nero (V.6.6) it slops up the system registry with about a hundred bogus entries.
  6. iss

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    What can happen is you can have some bad disc's in any bundle of DVD media you buy, or the whole spindle can be a bad batch. that is why your better off staying with known good quality media that is compaitable with your burner.
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