DVD burner stopped recognizing CDRs.....?

By badjessejames
Feb 11, 2005
  1. have a LITE-ON DVD burner (dual) SOHW 1633S that has been working fine for about three weeks. One day it just decided to not write CDRs anymore. I put in the CDR and I can hear it spin for 20 secs then I get the message "Insert blank disc to write to". BUT THERE IS ONE IN IT!!!

    It still writes DVDs and I'm thinking it something might have happened to the slave/master config but I have no idea how to fix it. (not very cpu smart ).

    Even worse is my wife threw out ALL the included (manuals,software etc.) things so I am stuck with this burner working or not....

    BTW I run XP and when I check the configuration with NERO I get:

    MASTER: maxtor 2F030J0
    DMA ON

    Secondary IDE Channel
    MASTER: LITE-ON LTN486S 48x Max
    DMA on
    AUTO RUN off
    DMA on
    AUTORUN off

    Hope someone can help me
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