DVD burner won't read!

By pizzada
Apr 18, 2006
  1. Well, I installed a Sony DW-G120A DVD burner. I burned a couple different data discs using Nero Ex.

    It seems to burn just fine...the problem is when I go to see if the files are on the disc...My Windows XP shows the drive as 'My Disc (D: )' instead of a DVD-drive, and as soon as I double-click on it, it will show the files....but then lock-up or slow waaaaaay doooooooown the system.

    Tried different discs, same thing.

    It will read perfectly a 'professional' DVD video...but not the data discs, which is primarily why I got the thing.

    Also, when I try to access the drive it says: " D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function."

    Any ideas?
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