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DVD Burners

By BASDSucks
Aug 27, 2003
  1. Im looking into buying a DVD+/-R/+-RW Drive, and i found a very cheap one for $200, and i was wondering if i should by this off brand one, or spend $300+ for a brand name one. this one i want has DVD+/-R 4x write, DVD+RW 2.4x write, DVD-RW 2x write, CD-R 24x write, CD-RW 10x write, DVD-ROM 12x read, CD-ROM 40x read, Buffer underrun technology; EIDE interface..


    Im thinking its a great deal...what do u think

    (ps. any ideas on my my sig image doesnt work.)
  2. vivacart

    vivacart TS Rookie

    Well, I've bought (or friends have bought) some I/O Magic stuff before and they where just rebadged products (LiteOn, Delta, etc.) Having said that some of the stuff worked excellent and some seemed to have issues. I would verify return policy and if they let you return it if it doesn't work like you want, then give it a test. Worst that would happen is you'll return it and have to continue looking for a better option.

    Of course the "Better Brands" have stricter quality control and should perform better, at least that is what one would expect, but you sometimes find some real gems in the "not so famous" corner...

    I've seem some better pricing on the net for similar products though. One place to check is NEWEGG, I've never had a problem buying from them and I think they have some good deals right now...
  3. ToRN

    ToRN TS Rookie Posts: 156

    Though most people don't realise, there is a huge difference in quality between cd/dvd drives. If you opt for a cheaper DVD writter, you have to concider some downsides. To have a quality DVD disc that is readable for all players you need to meet some requirements. When the data is written with a lot of noise, lot of players can't read it. Also, cheaper drives can't often read/burn all media. Then you have the lifespam of the lens, which is ofcourse shorter when cheaper.

    So I would say it would really make a difference to buy a branded one.
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