DVD burning problems

By RCTVideo
Jan 3, 2005
  1. Hey,

    I have been burning DVD for the past few months. Recently I have been getting errors from my Sonic DVDit software that says there my be a problem with my SCSI drives. It recommends that I first burn to my hard drive then burn to the DVD disk. I have done this to the last few DVD.

    I then started to burn some picture files to a CD and every time I try to drag and drop it will start getting the disk ready then the Window will disappear. I cannot open the drive after that unless I take the CD out and then put it back in.

    I guess my question is...how do I know if I have a bad SCSI drive or a bad DVD Drive? Is there a program out there that can fix this or let me know what the problem is?

    My System information:

    Mother board ABIT KG7
    Processor AMD SP Athlon 1800 1.5G
    Memory 512 DDR
    Hard Drive 2 IBM 36 SCS 10,000 RPM
    DVD Pioneer DVD/Recorder DVR-103
    Sound Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster
    Video Card Matrox G550 Matrox 2500
    Operating Sys. XP Pro

    Thanks for your time
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