DVD causing computer to crash

By b0xors
Oct 22, 2005
  1. I don't know why, but all the sudden my comptuer crashes when attempting to read a DVD. It reads CDs just fine.

    About a week ago I read possibly Nero caused it and I removed Nero, still crashed.

    Later, I called ASUS and asked them, they recommended I reinstall all my drivers along with reinstalling DirectX 9.0c because supposedly DirectX 9.0c affected the system in that drivers had to be installed in a specific order after installing DirectX 9.0c. I actually ended up just installing the latest chipset driver and bios without reinstalling all my drivers and...

    Here is the part that pisses me off. After upgrading my chipset and bios, DVD's worked! I was excited and figured everything was fine so I installed Nero again for future burning of CDs. Sure enough, DVD's crash again. So I, of course, uninstalled Nero AGAIN and DVD's still crash the system. Oh, and when I say crash, I do mean the dreaded blue screen of death to which I have been able to avoid for a good three to four years until now.

    So, is there any way to fix this?
    And, if not something I can do with the computer, can I "degrade" my bios to an earlier version? (I don't think it would requring reformatting the HDD but if it does I am not too willing to do so right now). I figured if I could to a sense reset my bios and chipset drivers back to factory defaults then reinstall them, it should work again. It worked the first time, so doing the same thing should work again.
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