DVD/CD-RW combo won't read CD:s

By Petterny
Aug 22, 2006
  1. Hey!

    I'm running in to some problems when being forced to do a repair or possible reinstall of windows, and my COMBO drive refuses to read CD:s. It won't read CD-R:s nor Factory CD:s like my Windows XP. But it DOES read DVD disks.

    My windows is having a strange problem by not loading the system services by any means, and I was thinking of trying to do a repair. But the computer (laptop F&S Amilo-A) can't boot from the disk saying it cannot find Operating System. I've tried tweaking BIOS not to find the HDD (does find combo-drive on POST) and cleaning the lens, but nothing seems to help.

    Is this possibly a hardware failure? It seems very strange that the drive would be able to read one, but not the other?

    Any Tips&Tricks anyone? Cheers! - Petter
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