Dvd dirves gone crazy since system reset

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Dec 2, 2007
  1. I Am having problems and i don't know what to do about it, :(
    this is what happened,
    My computer crashed whilst on the internet, so i pressed the power button,
    when i started back up i had to completely reset my system because the black screen we sometimes get (start windows normally etc options)
    and our pc wont start-up at all, so this is why i was only left with one option but to reset it.
    when i set i did the usually things checked that everything was in working order,
    i put thesims2 game in to reinstall the game (from scratch "all of them" Argh),
    but i noticed in D:/DRIVE there was no thesims2 icon on the drive.
    so put a movie dvd in (that worked ok) music disc worked also normally, but no games would work at all, i also noticed the DVD REWRITER also did the similar thing except would only play movies (not games and music)
    i tried the (drive D, rightclick, properties, recording, tick enable cd recording on this drive) but that wouldn't work either.:confused:
    so i though i would go buy a new DVD-ROM DRIVE, i open pc up and put in as my master drive and left the rewriter as slave, but for some reason i only saw (detecting new hardware) on my taskbar, but when i opened device manager my pc is recognising my old drive which i took out, so i tried to unstall that, also in C:/my computer the pc didn't even recognise the d drive, there was only my e:/drive, so just to check for sure i inserted the cabled back into my old DVD-ROM drive and that was detected straight away, so why wont this new one detect, oh and also when i did insert the new drive the power was on and the door opens/closes, but wont play anything,
    All this happened because my pc crashed and i had to rest my system, what has caused this to happen, i am left with a dilemma,
    i miss my sims2 game,

    i checked my jumper pins, and they dont look the same
    the old drive as the jumper on the first 2 pins on the left and the new drive as the jumper on the 2 middle pins i wonder if that is part of the problem of not detecting,
    i know that both of the dvd drive cant of gone dead on me
    i only bought my rom drive 6months ago, that could be a laser prob
    but for my rewriter drive to go dead too at the same time, is coincidence
    Please help
    i will let you know about the jumpers when i open my pc again, but in the meantime if you know of anything i can so, or if you know the cause please help

    Thank you for your time and advice
    Michelle (MJ)
  2. robin_bga

    robin_bga TS Rookie Posts: 171

    Ok u have two problems, one yo drive cant be detected, secondly, u cant auto play music and Games, that is if am right.
    Anyway, i think one make sure that if yo DVD writer is the master, then have the jumbers in M and the other one should be in S.(U have MSC mean Master, Slave, Cable select), maybe make sure that ROMS have there own channel, Hdd go the Primary or IDE 1 and Cd/DVD go to the Secondary or IDE 2.

  3. SimS2Crazy

    SimS2Crazy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    i changed the jumpers around and no luck still, and oh no, guess what happens a few mins after i put the drive back in the pc, the drive starts burning and i see smoke and it stinks, is it that i am doomed/unlucky or is the drive faulty or something??

    its one problem after another, i am taking that drive back to the shop and i will have to get another (not the same one though),

    a friend suggested something today, is there some settings somewhere on the pc stopping you from playing pc games? as both my drives (DVDROM and rewriter wont play pcgames) but both will play movies,

    but i don't know what could be disabled, do you know? could it be a coincidence that both drives have died on me at the same time?

    i will get to the bottom of this, i cant concentrate on anything else whilst this is going on
  4. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    well the drive that smoked is well smoked
    good luck on RMA
    with the only working drive in by itself
    when you mean reset you mean reinstall of OS
    or bios rest??
    unplug that drive both connectors
    make sure the machine is not plugged into the wall
    reboot machine find the controllers drivers for the motherboard and install them
    or reinstall
    now shut off machine unplug put the optical drive in plug in machine and reboot
    by the way jumpers don't move by themselves
    not knowing your drives I'd say they where all right they way they where

    good luck and welcome to Techspot
  5. SimS2Crazy

    SimS2Crazy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    After buying my 2nd drive it finally works, (huurrah) so the first one must of been faulty, to not pick up the drive first time, and to burn out like that.
    when i wrote that i had to reset the pc i meant completely reset the system,
    i am sick and tired of doing that, i dont know how many time i have lost files, but after starting up my pc it wouldnt start windows normally when given the option

    have a great christmas and thanks for the help
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