dvd drive revving its head of!!!

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Jun 26, 2007
  1. my dvd drive revs its head off on start up,(booting windows)i dont think its the hard drive.it does this even without a disc in it.it wont play(spin up)a new game i got,yet it did when i first got it(game) for a few days.it spins up other games i have ok? it seems to play cdrom, cd and dvd i have ok? yet the two dvds that it also wont play work fine on my dvd player/tv? both dvds and game that it wont play are near new,are clean and hove NO scratches? Any help,advice,troubleshooting appreciated.Device mnger is showing the drive is working correctly!
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    I would replace it. DVD drives are cheap.
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    I'm with Ted here.
    As far as personal testimony goes, I've had DVD drives that have shot disks off and ruined themselves. Seriously, I got my 16x DVD/CD-burner for around thirty bucks, I think. Not shabby.
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    thank u all for help.i will try that link CCT . thanks. your pute looks good for games thebaronjocelin.
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    how do u put your specs there like that. i yhink i just found out. 10:57 is 8:57pm in australia.
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