dvd encoding

By olivia869
Oct 7, 2005
  1. i just recently got dvd santa, and so far i like it cause its very simple to use as you all probably already know. i so far only used it once to create a movie using vob files converted from avi file. that movie was a success. however, when i tried another movie, i had to add 2 media files instead of 1. the movie was made, but i wasent sure how it was gonna turn out, cause i didnt think i did it right, adding 2 diff sets of vob files didnt seem right... so i played the movie, and it is indeed messed up, it plays but its going like half the speed on the video, and its playing the audio from the other file...so...im getting audio from one file, and video from another, and its running at half the speed ( the video ), the audio sounds fine though. how can i fix this? can i combine the two video files somehow to successfully create this movie? thx bunches
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