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DVD game won't read, but it seems like it's the computer, not the disc drive

By umyeahnstuff
Feb 12, 2008
  1. Hi, I've never posted before, and I don't know if I'm in the right area, but you guys seem to know lots.

    I recently got Bioshock as a gift - a legal copy from Best Buy. I tried putting in the disc, but neither of my 2 DVD burner drives can read it. They CAN however, read both CD's (game or audio) and DVD movies. I've tried several of each type.
    I next tried loading the disc into some different computers. Boots up fine on both that I tried.
    I then took out the DVD drive from a system that successfully loaded the disc, and installed that DVD drive it into my tower. Nothing. no change at all. So now I am confused.
    I've tried running all kinds of anti spyware software, and registry fixing software to no avail. I also followed a promising sounding tech tip for the program hijackthis, which fixed some problems for me, but not that one. I am reaching the end of my tether, at least with trying to figure this out on my own.
    I don't see how it could be a firmware issue since another disc drive which I know is capable of reading the disc, still can't read it when installed on my system.

    I should have mentioned this part sooner.
    My first disc drive barely tries to spin up the disc, but shows it as a cd-rom disc that is blank. no files on it.
    the second drive seems to try and spin up the disc, but not the sound it normally makes when i've put in other dvd's, and it gives me an error message saying that "windows cannot read from this disc. it is either in a non-windows format or a bad disc. "

    this is not an exact message, i could try it again later and copy down the message if that would help.
    if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. I'm lost at this point and seriously considering doing a complete system wipe, or maybe getting an external drive to see if that can bypass the problem.
    But i'd rather not.
    Please help - thanks a bunch
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Welcome umyeahnstuff :wave: to TechSpot

    If other discs work in the drive and this one doesn't it must be the CD/DVD drive itself
    If a known working CD/DVD drive, still does not work, (on one disc) then it must either be:
    • CD/DVD data cable - either faulty, or too long
    • Disc scratched or marked or non original
    • Computer Power Supply - Not giving enough voltage to the drive
    • Computer Configuration: Device manager - Confirm DMA set to on, in IDE/ATA controllers
    • Insufficient Memory: Paging File set too low
      (the last 2 found in "System" in Control Panel

    Also you may want to go to Device Manager and remove all Cd/DVD drives, restart, allow Windows to find and install them automatically.

    We may need more details of your configuration too.
    • Howmany drives inside?
    • IDE/ATA or Sata ?
    • Motherboard?
    • Ram?
    • Windows Version?
    • CPU?
    • Power Supply wattage?

    Some of this information can be found by using System Specs.
    Most of this information can be added to your Profile

    This will help us diagnose the problem further.

    Note: The best test is with a New CD/DVD drive.
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