DVD+ or DVD- Blank Media

By dazzer9535
Nov 21, 2006
  1. Im just about to burn a DVD and I have bought both plus and minus DVDRW discs and I would really like to know the difference between the two in plain English.

    Also I bought this DVD Burner "linky", so what type of blank media should I use?

    Also I have this DVD player Link Opens in PDF I would wish to play the burned DVD on so would this make a difference to what type of disks I should get?

    Any help would be fab as my head hurts, lol.
  2. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    Besides the difference in circuitry built with in the DVDs themselves, which are made in up of seven layers,I believe.

    DVD type Name
    Single sided, single layer DVD-5
    Single sided, dual layer DVD-9
    Double sided, single layer DVD-10
    Double sided, dual layer DVD-18

    The DVD-R and DVD+R are recordables, not rewritables

    The DVD+RW and DVD+RW are obviously the opposite

    I use DVD+R for storing data on and use the multisesstion option to burn data later, I find RW faulty, in my experiences

    The DVD±R does both
  3. dazzer9535

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    Cheers that clears that up quite nicely, now all I need is.....

    To encode some avi files to mpeg2/DVD and was wondering if anyone had some good freeware that they use and could post a link as I have looked at loads and the best I have seen is ConvertXtoDVD but it isnt free.
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