DVD Play Prob (varies depending on player!)

By 1cyril1
Aug 12, 2005
  1. Got my local, experienced Audio/Video guru to copy wedding pics (jpeg) onto DVD as a presentation with Title added and with some appropriate, romantic music. Worked beautifully when we sat down to view before taking away to give to my niece, the new bride. Tried that evening on my home DVD player (6 months old, low cost Plustron) and 'No Disc' appears on its display; then tried on my home PC and it's not recognised there either (Windows 2000). However, it works fine on other video players (incl the bride's - phew!!) and my office PC (XP)!!!

    My bewildered guru burned again to various DVD formats, from both the PC and a separate DVD burner but ... no joy! I even gave him my DVD player for a few days to experiment with. Amazingly, other DVDs of similar format (e.g. -R and +RW) will play on this same device without trouble. My conclusion is that there's a jinx on my equipment but my perplexed guru reckons it has to be some incompatibility between his Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus authoring/rendering software and the DVD?? Help guys - the man can't sleep until he solves this!! :rolleyes:
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    No Response - surprised!

    Hi I'm back again checking on my posting on12th Aug. It was viewed 33 times but ...... alas no suggestions!! This is one heck of a good forum with solutions and advice on almost anything so I'm quite surprised really. I know others have encountered this or a similar problem e.g post by Foycur in May ... but not my situation I think? If no suggestions then no harm done but I thought I'd try once more.

    Yours expectantly - Cyril :(
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